Tres Rios Nature Festival

Tres Rios Nature Festival

Celebrating the great outdoors!


Music-NotesMusical performance will take place on stage both Saturday & Sunday.

Beer Garden
Hang out in our beer garden beautifully located on the bridge over the river with a perfect view of the stage!  21 years of age and over only.

NEW: Sunset concert along the water
Saturday 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
featuring Jarabe Mexicano


10:00 AM    TBA

11:00 AM    Jam Pak

12:00 PM    Swinging Leo

1:00  PM     Copper Canyon

2:15 PM      HumanJones Review

3:15 PM      Old Hands

4:30 PM      D-Squared

6:00 PM     Sunset concert along the water featuring Jarabe Mexicano



10:00 AM    Jam Pak – Small Band

11:00 AM   Cisco & the Racecars

12:15 PM   The Back Porch Bandits

1:30 PM    Run Boy Run

2:45 PM    Jarabe Mexicano

About our performers:


Jarabe Mexicano

Jarabe Mexicano hit the music scene in 2015, electrifying audiences throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Performing on traditional mariachi instruments accompanied by lively percussion, Jarabe’s arrangements feature stunning harmonized vocals in Spanish and English. Along with traditional boleros, huapangos, sones, and rancheras, audiences thrill to their upbeat cumbias, revamped rock & roll hits, and reggae classics. The irresistible synergy between lead vocalist Gustavo Alcoser, musical director Mario Eguía on requinto, Chris Behrens on guitarrón, Kevin Lomes on vihuela, and Danny Brito on percussion, leaves audiences chanting for encores!

​Jarabe takes a special interest in celebrating Latino cultures through programming such as their annual Cinco de Mayo Concert in the Park in their home-base of San Diego, CA and their recent Día de los Muertos multi-city tour throughout the southwest and midwest. In 2016, the band embarked on a U.S. Consulate-sponsored educational tour of Baja California Sur, where they performed at various rural public schools and represented the United States at the 10th Annual International Arts & Culture Festival for Peace (La Paz, BCS, Mexico). Likewise, Jarabe has performed for the Mexican Consulate in San Diego for their annual Mexican Independence Day Celebration.

​With extensive backgrounds in music education, all members of Jarabe have established strong ties to local community arts organizations including the Road Scholar Senior Education program as well as the City Heights Music School, where they teach low income students of all ages. The ensemble has also performed artist residencies at the Guadalupe School (Salt Lake City), Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff), and the Latino Arts String Program (Milwaukee) and will have engagements at Arizona State University (Gammage) and at El Camino College (Torrance, CA) in 2018.

Visit Jarabe Mexicano’s website here.


Run Boy Run

 Existing comfortably in the tension between tradition and the musical frontier, Run Boy Run’s all-acoustic format blends bluegrass, folk and the old timey American vernacular with touches of classical and turn of the century details.  From winning the band contest at Pickin’ In The Pines in 2009 and a special appearance at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in 2012, to two appearances on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion, Run Boy Run have been making friends and fans alike with their open-ended musical approach and wonderful stage presence. Run Boy Run come from Tucson, Arizona and were tagged by Paste Magazine as “One of the top 10 Arizona bands to hear now.” The band is brother and sister Matt Rolland (fiddle, guitar) and Grace Rolland (cello, vocals) and sisters Bekah Sandoval Rolland (fiddle, vocals) and Jen Sandoval (mandolin, vocals).
Visit Run Boy Run’s website here.



Jam Pak

In 1994 something new happened. Jam Pak Blues ‘N’ Grass Neighborhood Band was born in an otherwise quiet Chandler, AZ neighborhood. More than two decades later – with only shoestring funding – this multi-cultural, multi-generational band is going and growing ever stronger.

In the care of Anni Beach, founder and band leader, folk and bluegrass music has come alive for dozens of eager children. Enfolded in the love of music, community, food, travel, life experiences and love itself, growing numbers of otherwise contemporary kids are learning and making authentic American folk music.

The mission, indeed the singular goal, of this organization is to make people and ourselves happy with our music. Everything we do revolves around this goal. And from that, many good things follow.

Visit Jam Pak’s website here.


Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is an acoustic trio performing bluegrass, country and folk music. Reno and Sheila McCormick have been performing around central Arizona and throughout the Western states since, well, for quite a while now! Their tastes range from Bill Monroe to Seldom Scene to Gordon Lightfoot to George Strait to the Eagles and many stops in between. The duo sings heartfelt songs with Sheila playing bass and Reno on Guitar. Add fiddler, mandolinist John Kennedy to the mix and you have a band that can perform a variety of styles of music, all with the authenticity it deserves.

The group members bring many years of performing experience including appearances at Prescott Bluegrass Festival and Pickin’ in the Pines Bluegrass and Acoustic Music Festival in Flagstaff.


The Back Porch Bandits

Out of the Phoenix area, The Back Porch Bandits have provided energetic, expert string-band music at concerts, festivals and public and private gatherings for over twenty years! A mix of bluegrass, Old-Time, cowboy/country, folk and originals comprises their “Banditgrass” music, appealing to wide audiences.
Ringleader Ken Clemmer has gathered some of the most talented and experienced pickers and singers in the Southwest for the Tres Rios festival. Along with Ken on guitar at the 2018 go-round, you’ll see Joel Dowling on bass, Reno McCormick on mandolin, Cisco Briseno on banjo, and Matt Rolland playing fiddle.
And here’s the deal: If you don’t want to have any fun at a Back Porch Bandits show, hide your eyes and cover your ears!

Visit The Back Porch Bandit’s website here.


Old Hands

Many folks know Ken Clemmer from The Back Porch Bandits, his “Banditgrass” band that has delighted audiences for over twenty years. But Ken also is the ringleader of Old Hands, his group that is largely known for Appalachian Mountains Old-Time music. Old-Time relies heavily on open-back banjo in clawhammer and two-finger styles. The “loping” rhythm in many of the songs is distinctive, and while it draws on European roots, it is truly an American genre. Many Old-Time tunes are frisky, but the overall style is more relaxed than much of bluegrass.


Ken plays guitar, Fred Coon plays banjo in a unique, masterful style, Joel Dowling plays solid bass, and Ron Rutowski is an expert fiddler. Guest performer Drew Lyman brings journeyman mandolin skills to the group, and all the boys are fine vocalists. Old Hands. Decades of digging out and delivering grand mountain-style entertainment.



Arizona harp and guitar duo, D-Squared, weaves a tonal fabric of poignant lyrics, earth-rooted melodies, and stark, hypnotic rhythms into a rich and colorful musical garment. Honed on a backcountry ranch where they met, married, and developed their music,
D-Squared’s spacious sound reflects a life lived close to the land beneath high western skies.
The low, resonant voice of Don Charles blends with Deb Gessner’s simple, yet beguiling vocals to lead listeners through a landscape that is simultaneously arid and lush, pristine and desecrated. As multi-instrumentalists, they balance delightful combinations of strings and reeds creating original music that refreshes like a cool drink of water after a long walk through the desert.
Love & light, foolishness & pain, the impossible beauty & burden of life ––D-Squared weaves it all together with deft harmonies, wry humor, and shining musicianship.
(Fan comment: Among other fine songs, Don Charles wrote – and D-Squared performs – the poignant “19 Men” song, dedicated to the nineteen Granite Mountain Hotshots who died in 2013 fighting a wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona It is remarkably touching.)

Visit D-Squared’s website here.


Cisco & the Racecars

Bluegrass music and its branches hold a special appeal for those who have grown up playing, jamming, and performing around the state. Under the management and vision of Francisco Briseno, Cisco & The Racecars has grown to be a serious and exciting group to see and hear.

The band finished first place in the Picking in the Pines Band Contest for 2014 and with that win had conquered all four bluegrass band contests in Arizona. And they recently were featured as the concert band for the State Fiddle Championship Festival in Payson.  A highlight of that adventure was to open for Special Consensus and then to share the stage with that wonderful band for “Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms”.  Although their roots are bluegrass and they remain true to that tradition, they are also able to play popular, country, and old-time music.

This young band is exciting to watch with the full range of instruments including banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle, and cello and super vocals by all members. They love what they’re doing and they are committed to making their listeners happy with their music. They are best friends as a band and enjoy traveling, jamming, eating, and talking together. They also serve as mentors to the young members of the Jam Pak Blues ‘N’ Grass Neighborhood Band.

Visit Cisco & the Racecars’ website here.


Humanjones ReviewHumanjones Review 2
The “Humanjones Review” is Bryan F’kind on guitar and vocals, his daughter Z on keyboards, vocals, accordion and percussion, and Gail Paul on flute.

Together, they play a little Americana, folk, rock, originals, instrumentals and the like. Gail is an accomplished and formally trained classical musician. Bryan had enough dollars to buy four weeks of guitar lessons in 1965. Z has been playing piano and singing since she was 6.

(Post Script by a fan:  Though he’s too modest to say it, Bryan is a remarkable and inventive singer/songwriter and a fine musician.  His experience is long and varied,   his originals engaging.  You’re gonna like these folks.)


The hip, happy dog, Swingin' Leo!

The hip, happy dog, Swingin’ Leo!

Swingin’ Leo

Swingin’ Leo is a bunch of musicians who like to mix it up. At any given performance the boys will play gypsy jazz, bluegrass, western swing, old standards from the ’30’s and ’40’s, and anything else that strikes their fancy.  It’s all in good fun, and everybody in the band and in the audience has a fine time with Allen Ames playing fiddle, mandolin, and guitar, Stan Sorensen on guitar, Ron Rutowski on fiddle, and Ted SisTrunk on Bass. Swinging Leo can sometimes be seen at The Nash (