Tres Rios Volunteer instruction

It has been rescheduled to March 2nd & 3rd, 2019.

Thank you for volunteering for Tres Rios Nature Festival happening March 2nd & 3rd.

We are still looking for volunteers for set up on Friday 10 am – 4 pm and volunteers both shift on Sunday.  Saturday is pretty full right now.

Here is what you need to know:

How to get there / Where to park:

Tres Rios Nature festival is located at the Base & Meridian Wildlife area
7602 S. Avondale Blvd. Avondale, AZ 85323


From I-10 take Avondale Blvd. South 6.2 miles until you see Phoenix International Raceway.  Cross over the bridge as you approach ISM Raceway and take your first left (like you are heading toward Gate 8) Pass Gate 8 of ISM Raceway and the event entrance will be straight ahead.  Park in the parking lot to the left side.

Once you arrive:

Once you get there walk over the walkway and you will see the large Information Tent.  Check in at that tent and our staff will provide a T-shirt and direct you to your volunteer area.

Once you arrive check in with the area supervisor and let them know you are there to help.  When you shift is over, check with the area supervisor before you leave.

Things to know:

  • Bottled water and snacks are available at volunteer check in for all volunteers.
  • If you are working two shifts you may want to bring money for lunch as our food is just snack type stuff.
  • Wear sun screen and/or a hat – you will be outside for the entire shift
  • Wear comfortable, close toed shoes, no flip flops.  The event is positioned on a gravel road.
  • Take a look at the rest of this site for more information about the festival entertainment and activities.  You are likely to be asked questions so be familiar with the event.
  • First Aid is at the volunteer check in
  • Lost children – In the event of  a child or parent is lost please bring the found person to the Information /Volunteer check in area.  Radio all event staff the description of the lost person (color of clothing, name of the person, age, last know location, any details you can get)  Staff person on the radio needs to be sure to get the announcement to the stage and to the announcing truck located at the entrance to the canoe area.
  • Have fun – this is a great event with all the activities being free to participate in.  Be friendly to the event guests.  If you have any grouchy people direct them to a staff member right away.

Job Descriptions:


Volunteers here will fit the guests into life jackets, instruct them on how to row/paddle (Row on the right side to go left, left side to go right, one on each side to go straight).  Also instruct them to stay east of the buoy line.  Then assist them in getting into the canoe and pushing them away from shore.  Instruct them that if they tip the water is only knee deep so they should be able to stand and turn their boat over and climb back in.  If they need assistance 1 canoe at all times should be held back so one of the volunteers experienced in canoeing can come out to assist them.


Guests are to sign the sign in sheet identifying the number of poles they will check out.  Volunteers give them a fishing pole and bait (worms).  In between volunteers will help untangle fishing lines and assist in instructing kids how to fish.


Archery volunteers assist in managing the line for Archery.  Arizona Game and Fish staff generally do the instructing it each person on how to use a bow & arrow.

Grounds Crew:

The main job here it to keep the festival grounds clean.  Volunteer check in will have gloves, pickers and trash bags.  Trash cans will be distributed throughout the event, keep an eye on them and if you see a full can roll it to the front of the event (in front of the port-a-johns).  Restroom areas, the food court and the river banks tend to collect the most amount of trash.


Parking volunteers should where safety vests and use flags to direct cars to the next available parking space.  There is an area on the northeast side of the lot right as you enter for Entertainers.  Keep others out of this area and assist entertainers in getting there when they arrive.  One person will be stationed at the event entrance to welcome folks and direct everyone down into the parking lot.   That person will have a radio and should radio for a golf cart whenever an entertainer arrives.  That person also needs to keep watch over the handicapped parking spaces so only those with a parking pass parks there.  They may also radio for a replacement should someone have to use the restroom.  Please be sure to take water with you out to the lot.

Beer Garden:

Beer garden volunteers will sell beer and wine from the bar area.  They are also responsible for keeping this area clean and keeping an eye out for anyone who may be drinking too much.  If you believe someone has had too much, do not serve them any more and work with the security guard if there are any problems.

Thanks again and enjoy the festival!